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About Us

Today's Tri-State Carpenters and Joiners Health & Welfare and Pension Trust Funds are the result of many years joint effort by labor and management dating back to the 1960's. At that time, the Chattanooga Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America and the Tri-State Carpenters and Joiners District Council of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Vicinity worked together to establish these funds for the betterment of the carpenter and millwright.

The Health & Welfare Trust Fund was formed in 1968 and the Pension Fund followed in 1970 as a result of a need by the carpenter and millwright and a desire by the contractor to provide for their valued employees. Initially all trustee meetings were held at night, with volunteered hours to avoid someone missing their “day job” and pay, avoiding the funds having to pay a member for missing work. Today, more than 35 years later, due to countless hours of oversight from labor and management trustees, both Funds are actuarially sound and thriving.

Today’s Health & Welfare Trust Fund has grown to include carpenters and millwrights from Regional Councils and local unions in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. In 2005, the Health & Welfare Fund provides excellent health and wellness benefits to over 1,350 carpenters and millwrights and their families, protecting a total of approximately 3,500 individuals.

The Pension Plan includes carpenters and millwrights from local unions and District Councils in East Tennessee and Northern Alabama. The Pension Plan has 1,640 active pensioners that receive a monthly check and another 2,500 working carpenters and millwrights that are fully vested when their retirement day comes. Due to the excellent management of the Joint Trustees and consultants retained by them, the actuarially sound program pays out benefits in excess of $10 million annually to the active pensioners and beneficiaries.

The working and retired carpenter or millwright owes a debt of gratitude to the many dedicated labor and management trustees who have worked tirelessly, without pay, to see these programs thrive.

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